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Skills and interests

C#, Python, ML, Unity3D, VR/AR, guitar, snowboarding


St. Petersburg, Russia

Speech Recognition

Feb-May 2018

DeepSpeech for Russian language

Trained DeepSpeech speech-to-text system was applied to speech search task in big collection of video files. Implemented search service allows to jump to a particular moment in video where requested text is being spoken (paper1, paper2).

Technologies used: Deep Neural Networks, TensorFlow, Python, Flask

Projects at EventAgratE:


Warehouse Game

Two players control forklifts to clean up the warehouse. Be productive to win.

Technologies used: Unity, iPad, LAN networking

Interactive Drums

Feel the beat, show your drumming skills and win a car!

Technologies used: Unity, Arduino, LAN networking

Kinect Splash Paint

Create your artistic self-portrait by waving your hands!

Technologies used: Unity, Kinect

View Eventagrate Product: Portrait Splash

Save Dubai VR Multiplayer Game

Fight UFOs together with your friends and save the city from space invaders! 

Technologies used: Unreal Engine 4, LAN Multiplayer, HTC Vive

View Eventagrate Product: VR Table

Happy Skeletons

Skeletons + Smiles

Technologies used: Unity, Kinect

AR / VR Research

AR Kit, AR Core, Optitrack, HTC Vive Trackers

Projects at SpheraVR:


HTC Vive VR play kiosk control system

Technologies used: Steam API, .NET, NancyFX, AngularJS

I did at home:


June 2018

Unity3D Asset

DropboxSync solves problem of updating application content without creating a new build. Constant tracking of Dropbox file changes allows to gracefully update content even at runtime.

Technologies used: Dropbox API, Unity

3 Things to Do

November 2016


iOS and WatchOS application for day planning with 3 tasks for every day. Synchronizes between Apple devices and reminds about planned tasks. More information here.

Technologies used: Apple Swift, Realm, iCloud

April 2016


Mobile 3D map of PM-PU campus in Saint Petersburg State University. Features class room search, 3d map overview, shedule of classes and going from schedule right to location on map.

Technologies used: Unity

Space Journey

October 2015


Space runner mobile game for iOS and Android. With levels, coins, landing on planets, wormholes and aliens,

Technologies used: Unity