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HairBrush for iOS

Try on different hair colors in real-time on your device.

Hair coloring app for iOS.


iOS and WatchOS application for day planning with 3 tasks for every day. Synchronizes between Apple devices and reminds about planned tasks. More information here.

Technologies used: Swift, Realm, iCloud

Unity Assets

DropboxSync for Unity3D

DropboxSync solves problem of updating application content without creating a new build. Constant tracking of Dropbox file changes allows to gracefully update content even at runtime.

Embedded Gallery

iOS and Android native photo picker that is embedded in Unity UI.

Unsplash Explorer

Unity interface to Unsplash search and random photos. 

Speech Recognition

Feb-May 2018

DeepSpeech for Russian language

Trained DeepSpeech speech-to-text system was applied to speech search task in big collection of video files. Implemented search service allows to jump to a particular moment in video where requested text is being spoken (paper1, paper2).

Technologies used: Deep Neural Networks, TensorFlow, Python, Flask

Projects at EventAgratE:


Warehouse Game

Two players control forklifts to clean up the warehouse. Be productive to win.
Technologies used: Unity, iPad, LAN networking

Interactive Drums

Feel the beat, show your drumming skills and win a car!
Technologies used: Unity, Arduino, LAN networking

Kinect Splash Paint

Create your artistic self-portrait by waving your hands! 
Technologies used: Unity, Kinect

Save Dubai VR Multiplayer Game

Fight UFOs together with your friends and save the city from space invaders!
Technologies used: Unreal Engine 4, LAN Multiplayer, HTC Vive

Happy Skeletons

Skeletons + Smiles
Technologies used: Unity, Kinect

AR / VR Research

AR Kit, AR Core, Optitrack, HTC Vive Trackers

Projects at SpheraVR:


HTC Vive VR play kiosk control system

Technologies used: Steam API, .NET, NancyFX, AngularJS

April 2016


Mobile 3D map of PM-PU campus in Saint Petersburg State University. Features class room search, 3d map overview, shedule of classes and going from schedule right to location on map.

Technologies used: Unity

EZ Game

April 2016

EZ Game

Casual tap game about constructing buildings on the scale of space.

Technologies used: Unity

Space Journey

October 2015


Space runner mobile game for iOS and Android. With levels, coins, landing on planets, wormholes and aliens,

Technologies used: Unity


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