How to play Cuphead Co-Op on one keyboard (+over internet through Geforce Experience Stream)

How to Play Co-Op on one keyboard (can be 2nd connected for second player)

1) Install VJoy (

2) Map keyboard keys to virtual controller buttons. For example like this:

VJoy should be opened in tray while playing

4) Download x360ce.exe ( 32-bit version (IMPORTANT!) and put it in game folder.

Launch x360ce.exe as administrator (IMPORNTANT!) and let it fix all problems.

Switch to other window (for example Windows explorer) and try to press buttons you assigned in VJoy, button movements should be visible in x360ce controller representation.

Then go to GameSettings in list on executables highlight one that is in Cuphead folder (check Full Path column of list). Then on right panel for highlighted row set XInput Files - all 32-bit, DInput Files - 32-bit. Click Apply/Synchronize settings button. A few dlls will be created in Cuphead folder. Now you can close x360ce.

(STEPS BELOW - every game launch)

4) Start game in Windowed mode (if started in fullscreen press Alt-Enter)

5) Switch to some other window (for example Windows Explorer) and when there will "Press any key message" press any action button you assigned in VJoy. If in main game menu you can move up and down using virtual controller - you are doing good.

6) Start game, go to map. For second player to appear press any action button on virtual controller.

7) Now youll be able to control both caracters using virtual controller. To make them separate go to Menu (Esc) -> Options -> Controls, select Player One and press Remove under CONTROLLER. Then select Player Two and press Assign Controller. While countdown goes switch to some other window (for example Windows Explorer, you should be still in windowed mode) and press any virtual controller button.

8) DONE. Go to game - now you should be able to control both characters separately. You can go to fullscreen by pressing Alt-Enter.

[OPTIONAL - how to play Co-Op over internet]

One player will be a server streaming video. Other player will connect to first one using Google Chrome GeForce Stream plugin and will send controls receiving video signal.

1) Install GeForce experience. Launch it

2) Go to settings


4) In GENERAL -> About panel check "Enabled Experimanel features". (If it will stuck in "checking for updates" -

reinstall Geforece Experience.)

5) In In-Game Overlay panel click Settings -> overlay settings will open

6) in overlay settings: go to Steam and allow friends to join

7) in overlay settings: go to privacy turn on desktop capture

(STEPS BELOW - every game launch)

8) After game starts press Alt-Z to open GeForce overlay -> select Stream and click Copy link to clipboard and send this link to Player 2 to connect through browser

9) In overlay click Stream again and check that in Guest Controls "Plays along me" selected

10) Done